Introduction: DIY Baymax Tsum Tsum!

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Learn how to make your own Tsum Tsum of Baymax from Big Hero 6! I was inspired by Disney's Tsum Tsum. This would take around 1 - 2 hours. Here's how to make him!

Step 1: What You Will Need.

The grey felt and thread are optional!

Step 2: Template!

Here is the template for your Baymax Tsum Tsum!

Step 3: Making the Body!

1. Stuff the sock with the Polyester Fiber.

2. Smooth out the sock so it looks like the picture above (mine's about 16 to 17 cm long).

3. When your done, cut the rest of the sock off leaving a bit of space to sew it together.

4. Sew the top of the sock with a running stitch but make sure to leave a 1 to 2 cm gap from the top.

5. Pull tight so it closes, while pulling, tuck the upper opening part on the sock so it doesn't show.

6. Sew the top of it together so it doesn't come undone.

You've completed the body!

Step 4: Peekaboo! I See You! Time to Make Baymax's Eyes (•–•)

1. Cut out Baymax's eyes.

2. Glue them on his face.

3. Cut out the line between his eyes.

4. Glue it on.

Yay! Baymax now has eyes!

Step 5: Baymax Needs Legs to Walk Right? So Let's Make Them!

1. Turn the white sock inside out.

2. Get the template and trace around it.

3. Do this 3 more times.

4. Sew around it (remember to leave an opening on the bottom of the legs).

5. Cut around them (there's no pink on the sock because I turned it upside down in the picture).

6. Turn them inside out and you're done!

Step 6: Let's Finish His Legs!

1. Pin the legs on the bottom of your Tsum.

2. Sew them on well.

3. Time to add the tummy!

Step 7: Sew on His Belly!

1. Cut out the template of the tummy.

2. Pin it on to the bottom of your Tsum.

3. Sew it on (When you reach the legs, don't worry about it, just sew over them like they're not there).

Congrats! You can finished the simple Baymax! If you want to make it better, you can continue but if you like it the way it is, you can keep it that way.

Step 8: Baymax Has a Heart!

I sewed this on with the grey thread, I made a knot and placed my needle under his left front foot and brought it out slightly above the foot. I sewed half a circle, made his pattern, finished the rest of the circle and brought it back under his foot and tied it off with a knot. If you get a bit confused, feel free to ask me in the comments! ( I attached a pic of his 'heart').

Step 9: Baymax's Grey Patches!

1. Trace the template and cut two of them out.

2. Glue them on the sides.

Baymax is complete! Yay!

Step 10: Thanks for Viewing!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you try it out, please show me in the comments =) Have fun!