DIY Beaded Chain

Introduction: DIY Beaded Chain

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Learn how to make beaded chain in our step by step video and photo tutorial. This permanently linked chain is so simple to create and it's the perfect design solution for smaller gemstone or crystal beads. We show you how in a detailed tutorial complete with a nifty graphic you can download and print for reference! Make it, with Madge is a new series of easy DIY techniques from designer and author Margot Potter.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Start by watching our video tutorial. Then check out the photo steps below!

Step 2: Step by Step Photos

You will need:

32 4mm Czech glass faceted beads

24 gauge German style silver plated wire

3 jump rings



Round nose pliers

2 chain nose pliers

Flush cutter

Cut 32 2" segments of 24 gauge beading wire. You will be making a 16" necklace. If you want a longer necklace, cut more wires and use more beads! Every inch of necklace is comprised of two beaded chain segments.

Thread bead on center of wire to mark placement. Grasp wire at top of bead with round nose pliers. Slide wire from bead.

Bend wire to a 90 degree angle flush to the top of the bead.

Shift pliers 1/2 turn.

Loop wire over top of pliers.

For the first segment, complete the loop and go to the next step. As you build your chain, before you loop. slide the previous link in the looped wire before completing as shown.

Use chain nose pliers to grasp wire tail and wrap it tightly around the bottom of the loop twice.

Cut off excess wire.

Thread bead on wire. Repeat loop making process.

Use chain nose pliers to tuck the small wire ends into the coils. Be careful so you don't break the beads!

Repeat this process to build the chain.

Attach a clasp to one end with a jump ring and a jump ring to the other end. You can add a pendant to the center with a third jump ring.

Step 3: Make More!

Once you master this skill, you can make beautiful beaded chains using larger or smaller beads and thicker or thinner wire!

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