Introduction: DIY Beaded Macrame Bracelet

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Hey there!

This is an instructable on how to make a beaded macrame bracelet in about two afternoons. This design is easy to learn and very repetitive, and it sure looks great on your wrist when it's done!

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies

For this DIY you will need:

  • Embroidery thread in 3 different colors
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Beads: a good amount of small beads that just barely fit over the thread and a few larger beads (ones of a different color work best, but you can use whatever you want :))
  • One cool-looking button. This will be your closure.

*Optional--> clear nail polish.. If you make bracelets or other jewelry often, you may want to buy a bottle- Not only is it great for paining your nails with but you can also use it to re-enforce your important knots in many other bracelets and I find it super handy.

Let's get tying!

Step 2: Know Your Knots!

There are three knots that you'll use when you're making this bracelet. The first knot you'll learn is called the Left Half Hitch Knot, but since I don't want to keep typing that over and over again, I'll call them Left Knots. To make them, cross your leftmost thread over the next thread, loop it under the next thread, and pull it tight. Refer to the picture for reference. For this bracelet, you'll usually be making two of these in a row on the same thread because it looks nicer and makes everything easier to control. The second knot you'll need to know is called the Right Half Hitch Knot, which I'll call the Right Knot. This knot is made the same way as the left knot, but using the rightmost thread to loop around the next thread. You will also usually be making two of these in a row. The third and final knot that you will need for this bracelet is probably something you already know: the half square knot. This is the knot that you first make when you tie your shoes: just cross the threads over and under each other. When making this bracelet, you will always need to make two of these in a row. Now that you have all the knots down, its time to get started!

Step 3: Making the Loop

First, take your thread and cut six strings (two of each color) and make them long enough to wrap four times around your wrist. Then, separate the strings into groups of two (three strings of each color per group) and tape them down next to each other. Now, begin to cross them over each other. Then, keep crossing them over each other (this should be more of a twisting motion than a crossing motion) until when you fold the twisted string in half, your button just passes through it. When it's long enough, tie it so that the twisted part of the string forms a loop, and cut off the short excess pieces.

Step 4: Setting Up and REALLY Getting Started

I swear, just one more thing before we actually get to tying knots!! It's time to arrange your thread. Tape or pin the loop down to something (I used a heavy notebook) and lay out your threads according to the labeled reference picture.Now it's time to get this bracelet underway (finally)! First, take your two center-most threads and tie them in a 1/2 square knot. (Remember- for this bracelet you have to make the knot I showed you twice) Then, take the middle threads and tie them to the center threads using a left knot for the right thread and a right knot for the left thread. They should become the center threads after you make those two knots- remember not to make them super tight, but snug- you should be able to see the knot. After you get these threads in the center, tie them together like you did with the first center threads: with two 1/2 square knots. Now take the outermost threads and tie them first to the new middle threads (a left knot for the right thread and a left knot for the right thread- I actually took pictures so you guys could actually see what this looks like :P) keep knotting both threads until they meet in the center and then tie them together with two 1/2 square knots. Congrats, you just finished your first cycle! It's not going to get much more complicated than this, so if you can do this than you can definitely do the rest- and if you find adding beads really difficult, you don't have to! It'll still look good without them.

Step 5: Just Add Beads

Now it's time to add the beads to this bracelet! to start, string four beads onto the middle threads (two on each thread, preferably the same color) and then knot them as normal- a right knot, a left knot, and tie them together twice. Just make sure that your beads stay in the middle. Next, you're going to thread five beads on each outside thread. (I used four beads of the same color and one bead of a different color per outside thread.) Then, knot the threads so that they make their way to the center. When they reach the center, tie them together with two 1/2 square knots as always. This is one cycle- keep repeating this step until your bracelet is around an inch less than you need. This part can be a little boring- so crank up the music or turn on the t.v.- you have a lot of knotting to do!

Step 6: Finishing It Off

Think you're done knotting? WRONG! Just one more though. I promise. First, thread your button onto all of the strands. then tie a big knot (or two) at the end of the strands and cut the excess thread. I left about half an inch just because I thought it looked nice, but if you don't want to leave it longer then you can just cut the threads short. No matter how you leave the excess threads, re-enforce the big knot with clear nail polish or clear drying glue if you have some.

Step 7: Wear It!

Congratulations, you finished!! wear it with pride, or give it as a great gift! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, or if you made this bracelet yourself put a picture in! I would love to see it! Thanks and happy tying :)