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Introduction: DIY Bean Bag Chair for Pets

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A few months ago I made a large bean bag chair, and my cat took a bit of a liking to sitting on it, so I decided to make a bean bag chair for may cat to use so he could have his very own!

Here's how you can make one too!


- A Double Sided Blanket (Less than a yard of fabric)

- Measuring Tape

- Scissors

- Thread

- Needle

- Sewing Machine

- Filling for Bean Bag (I used a foam mattress)

Step 1: Measure Your Cat

First, Attempt to measure the circumference of your cat. When I tried this, I could only get a rough approximation and not an exact measurement because my cat wanted to eat the tape measure, but I got a measurement of about a 55 inch circumference.

Step 2: The Design

Next, is the design. For this I did a rough outline of what I wanted the bean bag to look like, it is a cylinder that is about ten inches tall and both the top and bottom circular pieces have a circumference of 55 inches.

Step 3: Cut and Measure

After that, I cut the two circular pieces out of some fabric, a double sided blanket that I had used to make the full size bean bag. To do this I used a protractor to draw a circle with a sharpie on the two pieces of fabric, then cut them out. When finished the diameter was approximately 20 inches on both of the circles.

Step 4: The Math

The math in this project was used to find the length of the middle piece needed to make the bean bag. The equation for circumference ( C = 2(pi)r ), uses the radius of the circles cut out (half the diameter), which equaled 10 and then the radius was plugged in for r which then allowed me to find the length needed, approximately 62 inches long.

Step 5: More Cutting and Measuring

Now to cut out the fabric length that was just calculated. I measured out piece of fabric that was 62 inches long and 10 inches in width, and then cut those pieces out.

Step 6: Sew Everything Together

The first step is to sew together the long piece that was just cut out. Match the two ends inside out and sew along that seam. Then pin on the top fabric piece on inside out and sew along that edge. Once again pin on the bottom fabric circle on with the fabric turned inside out and sew along the bottom edge, but leave a little hole open to be able to add the filling.

Step 7: Fill the Bean Bag

Now, fill the bean bag! You can use whatever you want as filling weather it be cut up foam like I used or stuffing. Just use what you have available.

Step 8: Sew It Closed

Now the last step is to sew it closed. Hand sew along that seam you left open, make sure to make it tight to make sure none of the filling comes out.

Step 9: All Done!

Now its all done! Hopefully your pet enjoys their very own bean bag chair! Overall this is a very easy project and I hope you enjoy!

If you haven't already, watch the video for details on how I made this, and if you like what you see, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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    2 years ago

    Ohhhh I need to try this! I bet my cats would love it :)