DIY Beautiful Coin Ring Out of a Clad Quarter




Introduction: DIY Beautiful Coin Ring Out of a Clad Quarter

You can use a quarter for this project, but you can actually use any coin to make a con ring. I've used sacagawea dollars, half dollars, and even silver quarters.

Step 1: Punch a Hole in Your Quarter

Use your punch to punch a hole in the middle of your quarter. Be sure that you punch exactly in the center, because if you don't than your ring will be off-center. You can buy one of these punches on the internet but you can also use a drill if you don't have or don't want to buy one of these punches.

Step 2: Anneal the Coin

Annealing means heating the metal (In this case the quarter) red hot then dunk it in water while its cold. This makes the metal softer and easier to work with.

Step 3: Start Shaping Your Ring

Start shaping your ring using a large ball bearing

Step 4: Finish Shaping Your Ring

To finish shaping your ring either use a ring sizing tool or use a ring sizer bar and smack the ring with a hard rubber mallet.

Step 5: File and Polish Your Ring

File the burrs on the edges of the ring smooth than sand them until smooth. Then use some steel wool to polish the ring.

Step 6: Wear It!

Now your done with your ring!

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