Introduction: DIY Bed Frame

Easy DIY Wooden Bed Frame Platform made from framing lumber.

Step 1: Material

I have purchased all the material listed below at my local hardware store.

Here is what you will need to complete this modern bed frame :

[4x] - 2x6x8

[9x] - 2x10x8

[4x] - 2x4x8

[2x] - JoistHanger (2x6)

[112x] - 2½ Washer Head Screw

[30x] - 2½ Flat Head Construction Screw

[1x] - Wood Finish of your choice

Tools :

- Table Saw

- Miter Saw

- Orbital Sander

- Corner Clamp (1x) or Corner Clamps (2x)

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Step 2: Cutting / Ripping

1 - Using my miter saw, i start by cutting all my boards to the right length.

2 - Because i'm using construction lumber, i rip cut all my boards to the right width to give them a nice square edge. This will give my bed frame a more modern look.

You can check my description below to find all the final dimensions after cutting and ripping all pieces.

Headboard :

[3x] 1½ x 3½ x 31

[5x] 1½ x 7 x 86

Frame ( Bottom ) :

[2x] 1½ x 8 x 79

[2x] 1½ x 8 x 78½

Frame ( Top ) :

[1x] 1½ x 1½ x 86

[1x] 1½ x 5 x 86

[2x] 1½ x 5 x 78½

Supports ( Rough Lumber - No square edges ) :

[2x] 1½ x 3½ x 78½

[1x] 1½ x 5½ x 78½

[20x] ¾ x 2½ x 78½

Step 3: Making the Headboard

For this step, i will make the headboard. I have 2 things to do, drill pocket holes and assemble everything with screws. Before we can start, you will need these boards :

[5x] 1½x7x86''

[3x] 1½x3½x31''

I start by drilling 9 pocket holes into 4 of the 5 boards. Then i assemble the 5 boards together using 36 2½ pocket screws. Once it's done, i'm adding the 3 2x4 to the back to make sure the headboard stay straight over the time.

Step 4: Making the Base - Pocket Holes

I separate this step in two parts, ''bottom'' and ''top''

Frame ( Bottom ) :
[2x] 1½ x 8 x 79

[2x] 1½ x 8 x 78½ Frame

( Top ) : [1x] 1½ x 1½ x 86

[1x] 1½ x 5 x 86

[1x] 1½ x 1½ x 78½

Drill pocket holes according to the plan

Step 5: Making the Base - Assembly

I assemble the 8 pieces together using 64 2½ pocket screws.

I start by assembling the 4 pieces that make the ''top'' then the 4 pieces that make the ''bottom''.

Once it's done, i'm joining the top and the bottom together.

Step 6: Wood Finish

I'm using Sico ( PPG Brand ) outdoor wood stain for this project. Although this finish is ultra durable for a bed frame, it smell much more than interior wood stain. I literally had to ventilate the room for couple days. So my advice, choose the finish you want but make sure it's an interior finish.

Color : Boathouse #3549-407

Step 7: Adding Supports for the Mattress

I screw the 2x4's to the sides and i add a 2x6 in the middle using 2 joist hangers.

Step 8: Joining the Headboard to the Base Frame

Simple step, i screw both parts together.

Step 9: Adding 1x3's

Time to lay down the 20 1x3's to support the matress.

Step 10: We Are Done! :)

Oh yes, i'm really happy with the result!

If you enjoyed this build, make sure you watch the full tutorial video on my youtube channel.