Introduction: DIY: Bed/Couch Side Table

If you're looking for something to do while you're sitting at home, try creating your own bed/couch side table. All you need is a few basic supplies and it could turn out to save you some money and be very useful!



  • 2 identical mini trash cans
  • Pizza pan/small tray
  • Gorilla Glue/any strong adhesive


  • Beads
  • Small Tweezers

Step 1:

Step 2: Place One Trash Can Upside Down on a Flat Surface

First, we need to take one of the trash cans and place it upside down on a flat surface. This will be the base for our side table. Next take the gorilla glue (or strong adhesive) and glue at 4 opposite ends of the trash can.

Step 3: Begin Gluing the Bottom Trash Can

Next, we are going to glue 4 small dots around the top of the garbage can we just placed. These dots should be by the edge of the can and should be at all opposite ends.

Step 4: Place the 2nd Trash Can on Top of the 1st

Next, we will be taking the 2nd trash can, and place it on top of of the upside trash can that has glue on it. This trash can will be right-side up. Make sure the bottom of both cans line up; this is why it is important that we use two identical cans, so they can stack on top of each other.

Step 5: Place the Pizza Pan on Top of the Second Trash Can

Next thing we are going to need to do is place the pizza pan (or small tray) on top of the second trash can that we just placed on top of the first trash can. The pizza pan should be bigger in diameter than the trash can so it could sit on top of the trash can without falling in.

This is the last mandatory step, and after this step is completed, you should have a functional side table. All steps after this are optional and serve to just give the table more of a fun look.

Step 6: Dab Glue Around the Edge of the Pan (Optional)

Next, we will put dabs of glue on the outer edge of the pizza pan (or small tray). These dabs should be about 1 inch apart from each other.

Step 7: Grab the Tweezers and Place the Beads on the Glue (Optional)

Finally, we are going to grab the small tweezers and use them to grab the beads and place them on the dabs of glue we just made in Step 5. The tweezers make it easier to secure the small beads and prevent us from touching any of the glue with our skin.