Introduction: DIY Bee Hotel

DIY Bee Hotel!!

Step 1: Items Needed

30" of 1x3 wood (any kind, hardwood works best)

Wood glue

Nail gun and nails

Belt sander

Scroll saw

Miter saw

Bee straw

Hot glue

Spare wood for bee holes

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Take your 1x3 wood and cut it into 6, 5-inch pieces. These will be your 6 sides. Next, make 30-degree cuts on both of the short sides so that they are slanting inward toward each other.

Step 3: Gluing

Take the wood that you just cut angles in and glue two of them, using wood glue, glue them together (making 3-60 degree angles with the wood. You can use staples if you want. Staples will make it easier to hold the pieces together during the gluing process. After those have glued you can glue the already glued angles to each other making a hexagon. After they're all glued you can use your finishing nail gun to hold them together better.

Step 4: Painting

Use your favorite color of spray paint and spray until completely covered.

Step 5: Drilling Holes in Logs

Collect medium-sized branches or logs and sand/cut until round. Next use a drill or drill press to make holes going about halfway through the log, Then glue them, using hot glue into your project.

Step 6: Bee Straws

By far the least fun part of the process. Take your bee straws and start hot gluing them, starting around the sides and work into the middle. Have fun!!