Introduction: DIY Beer Kegorator

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DIY Kegorator

Step 1: Buy New or Used Mini Fridge.

Step 2: Buy Beer Tap

Buy a beer tap, Amazon sells them and comes with everything you need including a Co2 bottle.

Step 3: Bend the Ice Tray.

Very gently bend the ice tray down, this way 6th barrel keg will fit inside with the top attachments, also the ice tray hugs the keg, keeping it nice and cold.

Step 4: BEER Line

Drill a hole on the top to run the beer line thru it and mount the Tap Tower.

VERY IMPORTANT.... Most fridges have hot lines running on the inside of the insulation so make sure you dont cut thru this. Turn fridge on high, let it run for about an hour, use a spray bottle and wet the top, observe where it dries quicker and that is where you dont want to drill. These lines are installed by humas in factories ao they are all random. Should be Horizontal lines...

Step 5: Door Shave

To be able to fit the keg and the Co2 tank you will have to shave the door (remove the sheles) but you must keep the edge of the door, so use a very sharp knife to cut it as this will be the only thing keeping the door gasket in place. To remove the door shelves, pry away the gasket and you will see screws under it, save those and re use them.

Step 6: Door Installation

I used a ceiling light tile to cover the door, just to hide the ugly door insulation. You will have to cut the tile, be gentle, use sharp razor blade, it might crack.

Step 7: BEER Purchase.

Order a 6th barrel of your favorite local beer from your favorite micro brewery, in my case ATWATER in Detroit, bring it home buckled up so it doesn't shake around as you will want to drink it as soon as you bring it home and TAP your FIRST keg... Call ahead as some breweries dont carry 6th barrel kegs.

Step 8: Thermometer

You can also install a $5.00 digital thermometer if you would like. Mine is reading Celsius. Also make sure not to serve your beer very cold, only shitty beers are served cold to mask their awful taste. You can find a chart online at which temperature different types of beers are best.

Step 9:

Step 10: Tap the Keg :) BEST PART

Bring the keg from brewery, avoid speeding, sharp turns, bumps and potholes. It will foam up your keg and you will have to wait few hours before you can drink it. Install regulators, check co2 pressure, pour some water in a spray bottle and spray around your connections to check for leaks. Trust me, it sucks to run out of air at midnight and the keg is half full and the party is still going, been there. Also make sure to turn your fridge on before you go to pick up your keg. Cheers...