Introduction: DIY Bench Power Supply (Dual-Channel)

Every electronic hobbyist needs a variable power supply for prototyping and testing, but they can be very expensive. I will show you how to build a cheap yet reliable power supply.

Step 1: ​The Parts List:

The Parts List:

To build this specific power supply, you will need the following:

> 1x Switching Power Supply ( Max 32 Volts )

> 2x LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter

> 2x 10k potentiometers + Knobs

> 4x Female Banana connectors

> 2x Toggle Switches

> 1x Car Amplifier Enclosure Box

> 1x 16*2 Dual LCD Multimeter

> USB Port (Optional)

Tools Required:

>Dremel and cutting disk

>Silicone glue

>Soldering iron

Step 2: The Beginning

>I started by fixing SMPS onto the PCB, which was then screwed onto the Enclosure Box.

>Applied Thermal Paste b/w Heatsink & Aluminum Enclosure Box.

>Multimeter Circuit Diagram + PCB layout + Hex Code attached.

Step 3: Modifying Front & Back Panels

>Using Dremel I was able to cutout space for LCD & Silicon glue was used to stick LCD with front panel.

>Using Drill Machine I made holes for Potentiometer & Toggle switches.

>Next wires from external potentiometers were soldered on to the boost converters.

>Voltmeter & Ammeter are connected to the outputs of boost converter.

>Heatsinks are installed onto the boost converter, also don't forget to apply thermal paste.

Step 4: Testing

>I have tested the bench power supply on variety of loads & so far there has been no problem.

>Final cost of this project was about 2000Rs which approximately equals to 18$.

>I hope this guide was helpful, let me know if you have any questions.