DIY $35 Bike Repair Stand




Introduction: DIY $35 Bike Repair Stand

I have been wanting to purchase a Bike repair stand for quite sometime now but I have always been a little uneasy about paying over $100 for a stand. I found a few DIY pages and read through them and decided to take everything I saw and make something a little more simple with things you can pick up at Home Depot.

Items Purchased:

  • 1/2" x 8" Black pipe - $3.98
  • 1/2 x 18" Black pipe - $7.00
  • 1/2" Black Floor Flange - $4.55
  • 1/2" Black 90 degree Elbow - 1.73
  • 1/2" Bessey H-Style Pipe Clamp - $13
  • Square Felt - $3
  • .5" screw x 4 - $1.00
  • Total Investment $35

Step 1: Fitting the Pipes

Connect the:

  • 1/2" x 8" to the 90 Degree Elbow, then connect the 1/2" x 18" pipe to the other end of the 90 degree elbow
  • take the Flange and connect it to the 1/2" x 8" pipe. (Do not tighten all the way, consider this the test fit stage.)
  • Once you make sure all the pipes fit correctly leave the 8" pipe and the 18" pipe connect but remove the Flange.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Base

Take the Flange to the area you want to set the base.

  • This can be your deck rails
  • Work Bench
  • Anything that is secure and sturdy.

Take the 4 screws you have and secure the Flange to the object.

Step 3: Connection

Now connect and screw on the pipes to your secure Flange.

Step 4: Prep Your Clamp

To get the clamps ready to be mounted on the 1/2" piping, take the clamps out of the package and measure the clamp face to the back of the felt. I used a sharpie to draw the edge of the clamp face to give guidance for cutting it later.

After you traced the clamp's face onto the felt, use scissors to cut out the shape. Peel off the adhesive protection paper and stick it on the clamp's face and press down firmly.

Step 5: Mount Clamps

Now that you have the felt on the clamp's face, you can mount them onto the 18" pole. Slide the first piece on and then slide the end clamp onto the pole. Tighten this all the way. And now you have a secure and simple Bike Repair Stand.

The nice thing about this stand is that you can easily unscrew it from the mounted flange and put it away when it is not in use.

I hope you found this instructable helpful.

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    3 years ago on Step 1

    This worked great for me on a Black and Decker workmate. I used a 12” pipe instead of 8 for more clearance so the pedals will turn without hitting the stand, and am using foam 1” inner diameter pipe insulation pieces to protect the bike frame.

    3 years later and this project still cost me only $35 at Home Depot. Big Thanks!


    7 years ago

    You need to hang your bike by the seat-post or you may hurt you frame.


    7 years ago

    I would find a piece of PVC to slide over the pipe between the clamps to avoid scratches on the bottom of your frame tube.



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction


    I did some updating to the clamp. I actually found a good use for old koozies. You can find the update and new build here.

    Good place to store a bike too, I might have a solution to my storage issue :)