Introduction: DIY Bike Tube Wallet

In this instrucable I will show you how to make a wallet out of a bicycle inner tube. I based the design off a duct tape wallet I made a while ago. Hope this works for you!

you'll need:

-Bicycle inner tube ( you only need a two foot strip)
-sharp scissors
-sewing machine

Step 1: Prepare the Tube

First get your tube and cut it right down the middle, then cut off a 2 ft. section, now make sure the tube section is clean, I had to wash mine to get the white dust stuff off. Then cut that piece down the middle and you should have two strips, 2ft x 2in.

Step 2: Cutting the Body

Now cut from the 2 ft. sections 4 pieces that measure 71/4in. x 2in., so you should have four 71/4 in. x 2in. pieces. these four pieces are going to be the wallet body, next I will show you how to make the pockets

Step 3: Cutting the Pockets

Now to make the credit card pockets cut three pieces of tube with the length and width of 31/2in. x 2in.. To make the change pocket cut a piece of tube 33/4 in. x 2 1/2in. now you are done cutting stuff out so now you'll have to sew it all together

Step 4: Sewing the Body

Once everything is cut out you have to sew everything together, so to start i'll show you how to sew the body of the wallet together.
           Now take two of the four body pieces and sew them together lengthwise, then repeat this with the other two strips, now you should have to strips, don't sew them together yet. Sewing bike tubes can be really hard and frustrating and some sewing machines cant handle doing it.

Step 5: Sewing on the Pockets

Now you'll need to sew on the pockets, i started with the three credit card pockets.
 To sew them on start with the top pocket and sew it on to one of the body flaps, then sew the next pocket onto the body flap about a 1/4 to a 1/2in below the first pocket. the sew the third pocket 1/4 to a 1/2in below the second pocket, so in the end you should have three credit card pockets pretty much evenly spaced. Now for the Change pocket sew it on the other side so its right next to the credit card pockets, remember dont sew the top shut. now you're pretty much finished.

Step 6: Sewing the Back On

now take the other body flap and sew it to the body flap with the pockets on it, this makes a bill pocket, now, you've (hopefully) completed your wallet

Step 7: Finishing Touches

You may need to trim up the sides a bit and flatten out the wallet but other than that you are done!
ask if you have any questions


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