Introduction: DIY Bird Deterent

I needed to install new bird spikes this Spring as the robins have been super annoying. However I found that I had given away my excess spikes to a neighbour and was unable to buy any new ones due to the Covid19 situation affecting businesses.

Neccesity being the mother of invention I used:

1. disposable PVC food tray

2. garden fabric spikes

3. construction glue

Step 1: Cut the PVC Into Strips and Poke Spikes Through

1. Cut the PVC tray into strips slightly wider than the base of the spikes

2. Poke the spikes through at rounghly 1 inch intervals

3. (Optional) poke additional holes for construction glue to ooze through to upper surface of PVC when placed in situ

Step 2: Glue Strips in Place

In photo you can see the original store bought spikes in the background and my new DIY spikes in front of them and also on the top of the light housing.

It worked! now I dont have to keep shooeing those pesky birds away (they do have plenty of roosting / nesting spots in the forest behind our house, so I dont quite understand why they kept coming)