Introduction: DIY Birthday Card

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In this instructable I’m going to show you how to make beautiful birthday greeting card which can be completed in just 40-45 minutes. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Materials

  • Brown card stock (size 19*21 cm)
  • Brown card stock (size 13*8 cm)
  • Red card stock (size 18 *9.5 cm)
  • White cardstock (size 11.5*7 cm)
  • Girl transparent silicone clear stamp
  • transparent silicone clear stamp with happy birthday wording
  • Acrylic board
  • Inkpad (black colour)
  • Border puncher
  • Glue and Scissors
  • Colour pencils/ felt pens
  • Double tape
  • Pencil, eraser and ruler
  • Heart form stickers

Step 2: Let's Start With the Base

cut some strips of 1.8cm from the white card stock. Then paste the white strips diagonally on the red board as shown in the picture. Make sure that you do this neat and tidy.

then you may cut the excess pieces.

Step 3: Making the Borders

Take the white card piece (size 11.5*7 cm) and punch its border using your puncher. Repeat the same for the brown card piece (size 13*8 cm)

Step 4: Stamping the Doll

This is the part that I love most… stamping up :)

Let me tell you how to do it.

Peel off the stamp and attach it to the acrylic block and apply ink to the stamp. Then stamped the doll to the white colour card stock and colour the image using colour pencils (you may use artistry ink, felt pens too). Use any colour you love, and it would look nice if you add some shading. Your image is now ready.

Now apply some glue on the back of the stamped image and paste it on the top of the brown card piece (which you created with a nice border in the previous step)

Step 5: Stamping the Greeting

Now let’s stamp the greeting on the base we create. Do the same procedure as above to stamp the greeting on the base. Since I don’t want to stamp the gift box, therefore, I’m going to avoid applying ink to that part.

Step 6: Final Step

Finally, paste some double tape on the back of your stamped image and attach it to the base. Then attach it to the brown card stock.

I paste some heart form stickers to make it more beautiful. You may use anything you like (sequins, glitter tape etc.)

Your card is done... you may use different stamps, different colours and different greetings to customize your card.

Thank you for reading and enjoy making the card...

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