Introduction: DIY Blowing Purple Crayon Art! Using FIG Purple!

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In just a few easy steps, you can create this fun decoration, perfect for the dorm or any space that needs a little something extra! No hot glue gun needed!!

Here is what you need:

- 1 Canvas.
- A picture of someone pretending to blow bubbles printed on regular printer paper, Preferably in black and white.
- A blow dyer.
- 2-3 packs of crayon's.
- Photo Transfer glue.
- A paintbrush.
- Masking tape or painters tape.
- Metallic crayon's for extra effects.

Step 1: Starting the Photo Transfer Process

- Take your photo transfer glue and spread a nice medium to thick layer all over the canvas. Don't worry about the glue drying fast, just focus on creating smooth, even strokes.

Step 2: Adding the Photo

- Place the photo, face down onto the glued canvas. Position it to one side.
- Next, carefully smooth it down. Try to get as little creases as possible.

- After you have done so, go ahead and place it aside to dry for 24 hours.

I would suggest printing out a few copies, so if you mess up, you can just take the paper off and start over. It took me about three tries, to get it the way I wanted it.

Step 3: Finishing the Photo Transfer Process

For this step you are going to need a damp sponge or paper towel. Make sure that it's not soaking. If it feels heavy or it is dripping, its too wet.

The paper should be dried onto the canvas for at least 24 hours.

- With a little pressure, slowly move your damp sponge or paper towel over the paper. The image should appear gradually.
- After completely wetting the paper, let it sit for around 30 seconds. You probably will have to refresh your sponge/paper towel again.
- Moving in circles, press into the canvas. The paper should start to tear off and form into little paper crumbs. This should leave you with the ink transferred onto the canvas.

If you scrub too hard and little parts of the picture have come off the canvas, do not worry, this adds a nice, vintage effect. However, if that is not something you are happy with, you can continue to scrub the rest of the picture off and start over from step 1.

Step 4: Starting the Crayon Melting Process

- With a pencil, lightly line where you want the color to go.
- Start at the base of the bubble wand and go outward. It should almost look like a megaphone.
- Next, peel the wrapping off 3-5 purple crayons. You can use different shades of purple or just stick with one.
I chose to go with the traditional FIG purple.

OPTIONAL: Place masking tape or painters tape along the base of where the crayon melting will start. This will help you control the shape of your crayon melting.

Step 5: Adding the Color

- Break the crayons in 2-3 pieces each.
- Take one piece and with your blow dryer melt one side of it. Just enough so that the crayon is shiny and a bit sticky.
- Make sure you keep a nice distance between the blow dyer and your hands, so you don't burn them.

Because the wax dries fast, stick that side of the crayon flat onto the canvas at the base of the bubble want. This is the start of your crayon melting.

- Tilt the canvas, so that the hot wax can drip down the canvas in the shape you want.
- Place your blow dryer over the crayon on the highest heat setting and let the crayon melt.

You can tilt the canvas in different angles to control the direction the wax is going.

- To add another piece of crayon, take your blow dryer and place it over the spot you want the crayon to stick to. The wax that has already dried, will heat up again. While the wax is still hot, place your new piece of crayon on the canvas and let it dry for a few seconds before you melt it.

OPTIONAL: You can add metallic, purple crayons to add more dimension and for a fun effect.

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches!

Voila!! Your creation is complete!

You can add a frame or glitter glue for some extra effects!

Now you have a beautiful decoration with a nice pop of fig purple for color. =)

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