Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Airpods

Things needed :- bluetooth module
Wire cutter
Working earphone
Soldiering iron kit

Step 1: Earphones

Cut the ear body of working earphone as shown in image. And keep 2 wires (red and green) which are positive (green) and negative (red).

Step 2: Bluetooth Module

We can find the blue tooth module from neckband or a bluetooth device. It will have charging port through which we can charge and a switch to start. The image of bluetooth module i used is shown in image.

Step 3: Soldering Time....

In the bluetooth module we can see the soldered wire marked L1 (+) and L2 (-). We wil solder the 2 wires of earphone. Green in L1 (+) and red in L2 (-). And battery must be attached to its pin, if not, attach it to its respective pins.

Step 4: Finishing Time

We make it attractive by attaching all the things with a black electric tape as I did or we can also attach all of them with a transparent tape which will give it a theme of circuit body.

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