Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Controlled Car

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will be showing you guys how to make a Bluetooth controlled RC car using the Arduino microcontroller and the HC-05 Bluetooth module. This project will take less than 1 hour to build and you can have your own RC car ready to use. Also the code is provided at the end of the instructable for you to download . However I will still be explaining how the code and the overall project works. I also have entered this project into the Robot contest on instructables, if you like it please vote :).

Without any further ado , let's make it. Supplies: What you will be needing for this project is listed below, If you have them available at hand it's cool. But if you don't have them with you I will be giving a link for each of them. :


>Arduino UNO R3: ( ,

>Jumper wires M-F : ( ,

>L298N motor driver : ( ,

>A chassis of your choice

>DC geared motors (at least 2) : ( , ) // I personally used 12v 100 rpm motors

>Battery according to the motors used (9v / li-ion / li-po)

>Arduino IDE : (Arduino IDE)

>Bluetooth controller for android : (app)

Step 1: Setting Up

Now we have reached the assembly stage . Here we will wire up the setup for our bluetooth controlled rc robot. I have provided the schematic for the project above but I will still list the basic connections down below :

1. Motor driver to arduino:

IN1 (L298N) ------------------> Digital pin 5

IN2 (L298N) ------------------> Digital pin 4

IN3 (L298N) ------------------> Digital pin 7

IN4 (L298N) ------------------> Digital pin 6

2. HC-05 to arduino :

TX (HC-05)--------------------> RX pin

RX (HC-05)--------------------> TX pin

VCC (HC-05)------------------> 5V

GND (HC05)------------------->GND

3. Battery : Shown in the above schematic diagram. Also if you are using 2 different power supplies for the arduino and the motors then they need to share a common gnd (also shown above)

Step 2: Uploading the Code

>Because all the connections are now in place , it is time for us to upload the code to our arduino. The code in .ino format is given. You guys can download it from below . But remember that the file needs to be inside a folder with the same name for it to open .

>After opening the code inside the arduino IDE, do not forget to select the correct board and port from the tools menu.

>Upload the code to the arduino using the upload button (before uploading the code, disconnect the rx and tx pin on the arduino and connect them back after the file has been uploaded) .

Step 3: Pairing Your Car to Your Phone

The link to download this app from the playstore is given in the supplies section of this project.

>Once you have installed the application go ahead and open it up on your phone . I recommend pairing the HC-05 module with your phone beforehand to avoid any unnecessary hassle. While pairing the device , your phone might ask you for a password , try 0000 or 1234.

>Now open the app , you will notice a red blinking light on the top left corner of the screen , this shows that you are not connected to the car .Now go to the settings menu on the top right side (also shown in the photos above) . Click on it and select the "connect to car" option .

>Select the HC-05 module from the menu . The blinking red circle on the top left corner should now turn green. This shows that your phone is now connected to your car.

Hey , you're all set to go now .

Step 4: Drive It Around

Your wonderful robot is now complete and should be working properly. YAAY

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