Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Speaker

In this project, I made a Bluetooth speaker with a speaker that I do not use at home.

Step 1: Measurement

Measure and record the dimensions of the parts.

Parts & Products Used
1. TP4056 : Battery Charger
2. XY-BT-L : Bluetooth Speaker module
3. Lithium Battery : 1300mha
4. Push Button
5. MDF 3t

Step 2: Soldering

The schematic is very simple

After connecting the circuit, check if the Bluetooth power is well received.

Step 3: Modeling (AutoCAD)

I used AutoCAD program to place each part and complete the design.

Step 4: Laser Cutting

We will make a case using a laser cutting machine.

The material used 3t mdf.

Step 5: Assembly

let's assemble

Since the button is down, I will insert the part where the button is pushed through the long bar.

Step 6: Complete

Thank you :)