Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Speaker PCB

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In this instructable I will try to show you how to make a Bluetooth Speaker from old pcb board.

I had a broken Sony srs-xb30 speaker from a friend. The case was smashed but I could save the speakers and the electronic parts. I had to make a new case and I wanted to make it look better than before :).

You can use any other speakers and amplifier with the same result.

This instructable is more about the design!!

Step 1: Materials

PCB Board

Thick Clear Acrylic Sheet - PLEXIGLASS SHEET

Aluminum grill





Glue for plexiglass


Step 2: Preparing Materials

Warning: It is very important to use safety equipment, safety goggles and mask!!

Use a soldering iron and try to remove as many pieces as you can from one side of the pcb board.

Use a heat torch to remove all the other pieces.

Remove any other bumps or pieces with sandpaper

We need to make a box. Use a table saw to cut 2 pieces of pcb and 2 pieces of plxiglass for left and right side (same size). Also 2+2 pieces for top and bottom and 2+2 pieces for front and back. You can make it as big as you need for your speakers.

Mark the place for speakers and protection grill

Use a fretsaw to cut the holes for speakers and speaker protection grill.

When cutting plexiglass use oil to prevent melting.

Use a metal file to remove any imperfections.

Make holes and use a tap tool to make thhread for screws.

Cut a piece of aluminum grill and use clamps to hold it between two pieces of wood. Use a hammer to bend the edges and make the speaker grill covers.

Step 3: Speaker Box

Use special glue for plexiglass and make a box using the plexiglass pieces

Use screws and glue to add the pcb pieces over the plexiglass

Use Superglue to attach the speaker grill covers

Make holes for charging port, usb and buttons. I used electronic capacitors :) for buttons.

Paint the box with any colour you like.

Step 4: Electronics

Insert the speakers, amplifier and all other electronic parts.

Use silicone to prevent air leaks.


I hope you like it!! :)

Sorry for my english!

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