Introduction: DIY Bluetooth or USB Handbrake

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This is my first project on Sim,

Home made Handbrake, Bluetooth or USB based on PS3 controler and some wood.

there is many possibility to make an handbrake but this one

is not an On/Off button for braking. It let you choose how much you want to brake with an good axe.

Step 1: Components Required

For this project you need :

  • - Wood planks 2 x 4cm (or anything you want with aprox same size)
  • - Some screw
  • - PS3 controler (you can use another controler but with PS3 bluetooth and USB mode are easy to set)
  • - Rubber band
  • - Wooden Stick
  • - Cable Ties

Step 2: Dissassemble Controller

Now you need to totaly dissassemble your controler :

Keep only board but keep the ribbon and PS button,

you'll need them to start controler

  • Choose joystick you want and put a wooden stick on joystick axe, i use hot glue.

Step 3: Wodden Parts and Final Assembly

You need to do a simple lever with some rubber band between 2 screw (add more rubber band for better feiling)

  • PS3 board controller to your lever, i use wire clamp to let controler slide a little with lever(be careful you need to calibrate max angle of lever with max angle of joysticke axe)
  • Fix wooden stick glued on controller to lever with some wire clamp

  • Put a screw to block lever at calculated distance (position 0 -> joystick is in neutral position, position 1 -> joystick in full axe)

When it's done, all you need is mount Handbrake on your sim racing chair/desk !

Step 4: Add Handbrake to Your Favorite Game

After all this step you need to download DS3tools to use DIY handbrake :

  • Follow this guide, and plug your Handbrake (Soon Bluetooth mode detail)
  • With PS button start controler
  • Go to Game Controler Panel to see if you set it up correctly (refer to photos)
  • Plug and play on Assetto Corsa and Project Cars you just need to bind your axe to handbrake in game settings


  • Box for ps3 board with easy USB plug
  • Bluetooth mode with Dongle Bluetooth and DS3tools
  • a real handbrake Spring

Sorry for vocabulary mistake i'm not English !

See you soon for improvement on this project !

Feel free to guide me advice and ask question.

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