Introduction: LittleMonster: Speaker Switch Hack.

In this tutorial you will learn how to hack an existing Bluetooth speaker to be able to pause and play your music using the  LittleMonster as a switch. I designed a new "shell" that holds all the components for the speaker and made the file downloadable. 

Step 1: 1. Downloading the LittleMonster.

I designed the form of the LittleMonster based on the measurements of the existing Bluetooth speaker I bought. The speaker I purchased was the Jam Plus: for both its compact size and its affordable price. Even though my 3D file's measurements are based around this speaker, feel free to alter the file to fit whichever speaker you want to use. 

LittleMonster CAD

Here is the file uploaded to Shapeways if you would like to print it there:

Step 2: 3. Planning

Even though I suggested using the CAD file I designed as the new shell you can always design your own. However remember to measure all your existing parts (Speaker, battery, etc) so you can be sure they will all fit inside the new shell made. Just remember to have some fun. 

Step 3: 4. Circuit Bend the Existing Button.

In order to re-create the Pause/Play effect you need to  re-wire the existing button. You have to first locate this button ,which shouldn't be too difficult.   once you find it you need to locate the two pins that complete the circuit once the button is pushed. Before soldering anything use some alligator clips to test the connection between the pins and see if once they are connected it pauses or plays the song. 

the attached diagram shows the two cables connected to both the individual pins and to copper tape. Once both pieces of copper tape come into contact the circuit is completed and the button will be activated. 

Step 4: 5. Extending the Speaker's Power Cables.

In order for the speakers power cable to reach to the circuit board you need to cut and extend the two cables. Simply cut them and solder a longer wire to them, I used shrink wrap to cover the soldered connections but electrical tape will work also. 

Step 5: 6. Assembly.

Align all the existing buttons with the pre-made holes of the Monster's body. I glued all the inside components with hot-glue incase I needed to break it apart, however you could use a stronger more permanent glue. Work slowly and carefully so that you don't accidentally rip out any of the wires. 

Step 6: 7. Test.

The final step is to test your switch. Turn on your speaker and play a song, and rotate the upper part of the Monter's body until the two pieces of copper tape touch then quickly turn it back. They just need to briefly touch in order to Pause the song, holding them together for too long will disconnect the bluetooth and we don't want that. 

I hope this tutorial was simple and fun! Enjoy.