Introduction: DIY Board Game!!

Here you can Create A Board Game with me! In this case, I created a game called "Corona-Virus : The Game" and used my imagination along the way - you are more than welcome to create the same game as me, or you can create your own unique game. Let's Go!


Poster Board, Dice, Scissors, Mr. Sketch Scented Markers (or any marker), Plastic Baggie (for game piece storage), Pencil.

Step 1: Trace Your Path

To begin creating your game, you should probably start to trace your path on the poster. I suggest doing this in pencil in case you make a line too long, or mess up. But doing it in pencil first is completely up to you! I did my Path as a maze shaped looking thing, but you can do yours just around the board, in a circle, etc. Make sure if you are wanting to write "scenarios" in your squares like I did, just be sure leave enough space. Once you have your "Draft Path" done... you can now go over it with a dark colored marker so it sticks out. I used a black Mr. Sketch Scented marker and that worked out best for me! You don't HAVE to go over it with a dark marker - but that is completely up to you!! Here - I also went ahead and wrote the title of my game "Corona-Virus : The Game"

Step 2: Color Your Squares and Create Scenarios

Here is where you need to be CREATIVE and use your IMAGINATION - this is your Board Game, so you can make these Scenarios about ANYTHING YOU WANT! I colored my Squares with Mr. Sketch Scented Markers and colored them RAINBOW - but you can do yours whatever you desire! Now onto the Scenarios. Scenarios are what makes your game interesting and creative. It might help to write out your Scenarios on a separate piece of paper to get your ideas rolling. Just let your Imagination guide you!

Step 3: Mystery Cards

A great addition to your game would be some random Mystery Cards! Especially if you have a lot of Squares this would be AWESOME! For my Mystery Cards I just put things like - Move Back 2, Move Up 3, Back To Start, etc. **this is totally optional**

Step 4: Create Game Chips

For the Game Chips, you can use ANYTHING - like I'm not even kidding! But I used pictures of my family, then laminated them so they would stay durable. But like I said you can do absolutely anything!

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