DIY Board Guitar

Introduction: DIY Board Guitar

This is a Board Guitar. The thing i like about it is that you can be creative and helpful

Step 1: Materials

A board

Pvc pipes

A 6-inch hole saw

Fishing line

Eye screws

Lineman pliers

Hot glue

Hand saw


Step 2: Drill and Cut

Drill the board with the saw at 2 places. Short space needed if wanted the pitch to be high.

Use the hand saw to cut the pvc pipes at about 3 to 4 inches

Step 3: Insert, Glue and Tie

Screw the eyes into the board on each side

(Use the pliers to screw them on) Tie the line onto the screw eyes Glue the pvc pipes under the line right before the eye screws

Step 4: Design and Finish

Color on your board and sand it if you want. Just make it the way you like it. You could make it with different sizes if the board is big enough.

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