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Introduction: DIY Book Qi Wireless Charger

So now that wireless charging is going to be all the rage, with iPhone 8 and X being Qi compatible, I wanted to make one after finding out how expensive they could be. Qi charging boards are easily found online, and I got one off ebay for USD2 (includes free shipping). An example is (note that there are many others, this is just what I got). You will need a cutting mat, glue gun, ruler, marker, and of course a book. I decided to use my son's old Slinky Malinki as he is all grown up now, and cardboard was a _little_ more heat resistant than paper (in future, I will be adding some kapton tape just to be sure).

Step 1: Mark and Cut

Phone 8 and iPhone X's induction coil is located dead centre of the devices, and I decided to put the charger induction coil the same, and the board near the edge were the micro-USB connector would be.

For this book, I found that I needed to cut 3 layers for the circuit board, and 2 for the induction coil. This excludes 2 layers (including the cover) which is well within the 4mm range tested for iPhone 8 with the case.

Step 2: Glue the Cut Pages Together

I decided to use hot glue because it was faster, but you can use any wood/paper glue. When you clamp it together, glue will likely leak out. Just trim them off once they are hardened.

Step 3: Mount and Test

The rest should be relatively straightforward. Mount the coil and board using more hot glue, test and you have a bedside Qi charger.

Step 4:

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