Introduction: DIY Boot Toppers - Faux Fur Leg Warmers

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If you're sick of wearing the same old boots and want to change things up - so it will look and feel like you're wearing new ones - this is a great project for you! You can also make them as a gift for someone - they don't take long to make and are very simple!
It gets extremely cold where I live in Wisconsin - so I am preparing for it now! ;) These will be worn a lot during Winter.

*The boot toppers in the images were all made by me tonight - all of them were made within a few hours time. The longest one in the images took the most time because I made them reversible, with a stretchy soft snowflake fabric on the opposite side. I explain how to do this in the instructable. If you don't make yours reversible and don't have any type of lining, which is fine, you can a long pair of  these in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour! If you are just making a short boot topper, it shouldn't take more than a half an hour or less. *

Wearing them: You can wear these over almost any pair of boots, slippers or shoes that you like. Much of the shoe is covered, so it's really up to you. It creates an illusion that you have a new pair of boots on! The boot toppers have an elastic band on the top so you can just pull them on and off.

If you're ready, let's get started!

Materials Needed:
  • Faux Fur (I bought mine at JoAnn Fabric on sale)
  • Elastic
  • Measuring Tape & Sewing Machine

Step 1: A Few Simple Measurements & Cutting

First you'll need to take a few simple measurements, depending on which boot topper you plan to make. I will provide you with the measurements I personally used for my boot toppers - the long one and the short ones.

First, I took the faux fur material and draped it over my leg and pinned it in together in three places - the top, middle and lower part of my leg. I left about an inch extra to allow for seam allowances. Once I was happy with how it looked, felt and where the pins were, I then took more pins and put them in only one layer of the material. I tried to place them in the same spots as the first pins, so I could remove the pins that were in both layers and remove the fabric from my leg.

Important: Even though you pinned at the top of where you want the boot topper to start, and also in the middle area near your calf, do not cut the material any smaller than where the middle pin is placed for your calf area. If you do cut smaller towards the top where your top pin was, you will not be able to pull the boot topper up over your calf! So, follow the path of the bottom pin to the middle pin and then up from there, without making it any smaller than the middle measurement.

Then, place the fabric on a cutting mat or use your scissors to lay it out and follow the path of your pins to cut the excess material or faux fur off.

Place the two cut pieces on one another and smooth them out - cut off any excess material to be sure the sizes of both cut out pieces are the same.

My Long Boot Topper Measurements:
  • 14 1/2 inches across the top (top pin measurement)
  • 16 1/2 inches long (from top pin to bottom - or just below my knee to my ankle)
  • 16 1/2 inches across the bottom (bottom pin - this area is wider so it tapers out)
Short Boot Topper Measurements:
  • 14 1/2 inches across the top
  • 7 1/2 inches long
  • 17 inches across
  • Elastic - 9 1/2 inches (this varies for everyone so you need to take your own measurement)

Step 2: Sew the Seams & Elastic

Put the faux fur inside out, match up the edges and sew the seams. Use firm pressure to feed it carefully under the presser foot. I used both a zigzag stitch and a straight stitch to reinforce the edges.

From here, you need to take out your elastic, measure around the area you want it to be placed, depending on the boot topper you're making - and cut it out. Then, sew the seam on the elastic so it is a loop.

Take the elastic and put it where you want to sew it onto the boot topper, lining up the seams. There are several ways to sew it on. You can fold the faux fur over the elastic, then hold it taut while sewing them together. If you want to make the reversible leg warmer as seen in my image, you just need to take a few more steps. There is no need to hem the bottom of the fur as that would ruin how it looks - so it is done!

To Make the Reversible Boot Topper:
You do the same you would with the regular boot topper, but cut out an additional two pieces of material for the lining/reverse side. I used a stretchy fabric with snowflakes on it - and I sewed the bottom seams of the snowflake material under.

After the seams along the sides of the faux fur and the seams along the sides of the snowflake material were sewn, I then placed them in this order: The fur was right side out, while I took the stretchy material (used for the reverse side) and made it inside out. Then, I took the inside out material and pulled it over the fur and lined up the seams and edges. I then took the elastic circle and pinned it in the middle of the fur and stretchy material (only in one spot because it was so small there was not space to pin it any further). See image for clearer explanation. Then, I pulled it taut and  sewed through all three layers and turned it inside out - and it was all done! Reversible boot toppers!

Step 3: Pictures - You're Done!

That's all! You're done! Here are a bunch of pictures of the ones I made today! Hope you share yours too!

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