Introduction: DIY Bottle Cap Fishing Lure


Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

  • 1 metal bottle cap
  • 1 small treble hook
  • 1 small hook ring (looks similar to key ring but tiny; can be bought at Cabelas)
  • 2 fishing lure "eyes" (optional; can also be bought at Cabelas)
  • 1 barrel spinner (optional, but highly recommended; can also be bought at Cabelas)
  • Leatherman or Multi tool
  • Sharpie

I would also suggest choosing a brightly colored, flashy bottle cap. Remember, the more flashy and vibrant it is, the more attractive it will seem to fish!

Also, don't think that you can't do this project if you can't drink beer. Neither can I! If you can't ask your parents for one or you can't borrow one, poke around any camping areas or docks on your next fishing trip. You'll probably find a bottle cap stuck in the dirt!

Step 2: Fold the Cap

To begin, take your bottle cap of choice (mine was a shiny Heineken cap I found at my last Boy Scout outing) and draw a line on the inside of the cap as if to split it in half. Try to orient your line so that the two sides are mirrored. For example, mine cut the star in half symmetrically. Next, take your pliers and bend the bottle cap in half. This might take a little bit of work, but be careful not to crush the rim of the cap. By not folding the cap completely flat, the lure will better resemble a minnow.

Step 3: Make the Holes

Now take the knife from your multi tool and carefully bore two holes in the rim of the cap at each pointy end. You may find it necessary to flatten these sections of the rim in order to make it easier. Use a twisting motion repeatedly to slowly drill your way through the metal. Be sure to avoid making too large of a hole; otherwise the metal could tear and ruin your lure!

Step 4: Add the Hook

You are just about complete your lure! All that is left to do is attach the hook, spinner, and eyes (if you have any). Attach the hook by putting the hook ring through the eye (just like you would with your keys) and then attach the ring to the lure body. It may take a little while but be patient! Next, attach the lure body to the spinner with the attached clasp. If you don't have a spinner, you would simply tie the lure to your line using your favorite fishing knot with this hole. However I would highly suggest you get one of these spinners. These types of lures tend to spiral in the water when they move quickly. This will twist your line and increase the chance that it will break! A spinner negates this effect so that the lure is the only thing that spins and the line stays straight.

Finally, attach the lure eyes following the manufacturer's direction. I always put a dab of superglue on them as well to make sure!

Step 5: Completion!

And that's it! Your homemade bottle cap lure is complete! This lure will float, but to make a sinking lure you can add a little bit of weight inside with hot glue, lead weights, or even clay. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and depth to find what's best for you!

Thank you for making this project and I appreciate that you took the time to view this Instructable. This is my very first Instructable, so please provide any constructive criticism and support you may have. Also, if you enjoyed this project, tell your friends and feel free to click that Favorite and Follow button to show your support.

Take care!

- Sir Fly

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