Introduction: DIY Bow and Arrow Pen

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Start an office war with this super easy mini bow and arrow! Or have an archery contest, i suppose.....
Shoots up to 15 feet if done correctly :)

Step 1: Materials

This is a pretty short list. All you'll need is......
-A pen(this is a classic one that you can probably find at any basic office supply store)
-Rubber bands(at least two)

Step 2: Step One

Take your pen and separate all of the parts. You'll need them all!!

Step 3: Step 2

Take the small tube piece and rubber band it to the middle of the outer part of the pen, like so. you could glue it too....if you wanted.

Step 4: Step 3

Take another rubber band and put it around the pen like so, making sure it is positioned in the middle of each end. 

Step 5: Step 4

Tape one end of the pen to keep the rubber band from moving. 

Step 6: Step 5

Put the pen cap on the other end to finish of the bow part! :D

Step 7: Step 7

Load the ink piece of the pen through the tube, pull back and release! I've gotten it to shoot up to around 15-20 feet when i had a good band! Enjoy, and good luck in your office wars!

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