Introduction: DIY Breathing Light

Seeing that others have done breathing lights, I feel very good, so I decided to do one.The circuit diagram is found online, and the materials are collected by myself.



Transistor BC337

Resistance 100 ohms 47K 100K

Electrolytic capacitor 22 microfarad

Hole plate 3cm × 2cm piece

Wire soldering

Step 1: Ready Material

This is my material

Step 2: Simple Power Supply

This is a simple power supply for my breathing light. Oh, I don’t want to waste the battery.

Step 3: Core Part

The corresponding electronic components are soldered to the universal board as shown in the circuit diagram. After soldering, the product panels are as shown in the figure.

Step 4: Decoration

Then look for materials to decorate, my base uses a plastic box

Step 5: Installation

Waste utilization, use the things that are idle around, and an old bottle in the home can just be used.

Step 6: Assembled

Everything is assembled.

Step 7: Finished Product Effect

This is the display effect after doing a good job.