Introduction: DIY Bride Guide: Wedding Table Names

Hi! I'm Maverick12 and I'm a DIY Bride. My wedding reception is theatre themed so I thought it would be awesome to have each of the tables named after a show my fiance and I have done. And so begins the collection of shows.....


Foam Board

Straight Edge





Step 1: Cut the Foam Board

First, decide what size to make your table names/numbers. I chose to make mine approximately 4" x 6". It seemed to work out well. Next, cut the foam board to size.

I used a straight edge (framing square) to keep all of mine cuts at right angles to each other.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

To finish up, print your logos or table numbers on cardstock. This seems to have enough stiffness to support the ink when printing. Using standard glue, secure the printed cardstock to the foam board. Allow to dry.

Originally I had planned on using small easels to hold these on the tables. Turns out with the foam board they lean up against the centerpieces and look fantastic.

Step 3: The Final Product

These were a massive hit at my wedding. Even though we lost one and one of the groomsmen quickly made another.

One note - I just propped mine up on the center piece. It looked kind of tacky. I highly recommend using an easel of some kind to display these.