Introduction: DIY Broom Handle Fix

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A quick and easy way to fix your broken broom handle.

Step 1: Whatcha Need?

All you need for this is common electrical tape, a pair of pliers ,and a piece of PVC pipe.

Step 2: Preparation

I had to crimp the ends a bit so they would fit into the pipe. The size of the pipe will be determined by the diameter of your broom handle. Mine was 1"& a 1/4" inch PVC. The length is also up to you. Mine was about 2 feet long.

Step 3: Slide Ends Together

Put the two pieces into each end and decide where you want it. try to get 1 foot on each side for the maximum strength. Take your electric tape and thoughly tape both ends. Make sure you stretch the tape to get it to stick better and hold.

Step 4: All Done!!!!?!!?!!!Already!!?

That was to easy!!!!! Now you have your broom back in working order.
Questions? let me know!

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