Introduction: DIY Brown Sugar + Coffee Body Scrub

Today I will show you how to make your own luxurious body scrub at home!  It is inexpensive to make, fun, and feels amazing :)  I show in my instructable how I made a batch and bottled some into a gift. ENJOY!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Tools!

However big you want to make your batch, use these basic measurements to create your scrub. 
TIP*** Add more oil to sugar ratio for less clumpy sugar scrub and to have more.

Sugar Scrub-
2 parts Brown Sugar
1 part oil (I chose grapeseed oil and olive oil)
      Grapeseed oil- General carrier oil in aromatherapy, nice balance of oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and stearic acids. It is emolient and toning to all skin types and naturally non-allergic.
       Olive Oil-   Protects skin from Melanoma, anti-inflammatory, helps maintain collagen and elastin, hydrates dry skin, and more!
4-5 drops Essential oil of choice ( I chose tea tree for it's effects on the skin)
       Tea Tree oil- Anti-viral and Anti-fungal
1 part coffee grinds (fresh or use old grinds from making coffee
Mixing bowl

Bottle It up!
Old jar ( I boiled out an old jelly jar, dried it, and it was ready to refill)
If a gift, ribbon or some crafty way to wrap and make pretty
Spoon attached for easier scooping once it gets low

You can make your own version of a sugar scrub with what you have at home.
Basic Recipe is as follows

2 parts sugar (Preferably brown)
1 part oil  (almond, olive, coconut, hemp, etc.)
1/2 tsp Vitamin E oil  (or just have your oil be high in Vitamin E, like Grapeseed)
4-5 drops essential oil of choice

Step 2: Mix It Up!

Mix all the ingredients together in your bowl

Step 3: Bottle It Up, Label

Now put your mix in a container-  any container will work, something you can keep in the bath is great, or if bottling it for a gift you can use something creative..

I boiled out an old apple jelly jar from the fridge and spooned some in, attached a collectors spoon to the side!

Then I just slapped a fresh label on the bottle with ingredients and storage instructions, as well as how long it will last :)

FYI Will last up to 2 months or more stored on the counter 


Now just sit back and enjoy some fresh exfoliating body scrub or just give it away to a loved one to enjoy.

Just scrub a little all over the body, rinse, and enjoy your smooth body :)

Let me know how ya feel