DIY Bubble Wand

Introduction: DIY Bubble Wand

Who doesn't like bubbles? And aren't bigger bubbles better? Clearly the answers are "no one" and "most definitely". We made these simple bubble wands for a recent picnic and used one of the many giant bubble mix recipes you can find on the World Wide Web. They were a big hit with both young and old alike.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


Wire coat hanger

1/2" diameter x 48" wood dowel rod

100% cotton string (The 100% cotton is key)

Rapid setting epoxy


Wire cutters



Step 2: Preparing the Hanger

Use the wire clippers to cut off the end of the hanger and reform the hanger into a circular shape. Doesn't need to be exact. However it is helpful to make sure the circular shape will fit into whatever container, such as a bucket or flat tray, that will be holding your bubble mix.

Step 3: Preparing the Dowel Rod

I used 1/2" by 48" wood dowels and cut them in thirds. A 16" handle seemed like the right size.

CAREFULLY drill a 1/4" hole approximately 2" deep in one end of the dowel.

Prepare the epoxy according to the label. Fill the hole in the dowel with the epoxy and insert the cut end of the hanger. Set the dowel upright until the epoxy sets. Usually less than 30 minutes, but the label will have the exact information.

Step 4: Wrap the Wand With String

Once the epoxy has set, it's time to begin wrapping the wand with string. The string absorbs the bubble solution to create the bubble. 100% cotton string or butcher's twine seems to work best for us.

There is not a special technique to wrapping the string. Just tie it off near the base and begin wrapping the hanger loop and tie it off again when you make it around the loop. Occasionally through the wrapping process, we would tie a knot every few inches to keep it all from unraveling by accident. I've done it spread out as shown in one picture and and very closely as shown in the other. The spread out works fine, but the closely wrapped works better.

Step 5: Bubble Mix

There are a multitude of bubble mix formulas to choose from. NightHawkInLight ( has great instructables and great references on bubble mixes ( We used the guar based mixture and easily found the guar at our local health food store.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Have fun! High humidity days with little wind seem to work best, but anytime is always good......

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