Introduction: DIY Bucket Hooks for Small Tractors

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Here's a homemade alternative to commercial versions of tractor bucket hooks. Up to this idea, hooks were either welded on or bolted on to the tractor bucket. The hooks in this instructable are tapped on and tapped off with a hammer. Besides the convenience of installing and uninstalling these hooks a major advantage is the ease with which you can move, or relocate the buckets, along the length of the bucket. Also adding additional hooks is a snap.

Step 1: Assembling the Hooks

To make one hook you need:

2 standard 1/4 inch clevis grab hooks

1 clevis pin about 2 inches long. Pin should be about same diameter as original pin

1 R clip to fit the clevis pin

Note: I made these hooks for my Kubota BX tractor. Sizing may differ for other tractor brands.


Remove the original pins from the two hooks

Interlock the clevis sections of the two hooks and insert the new clevis pin

Install the R clip to secure the grab hooks together

That's it!

Hard to get a more simple to make tractor accessory, and, as demonstrated in the video, it works great!