Introduction: DIY Buddy


Buddy is an (or going to be) an interactive robot. This is just the first Prototype I have made. So the code might not be much. I made it during my holidays! It took me no more than 1 hour. There is nothing to much to this prototype rather than his rude intro and his Serial monitor communication. He can answer questions which you type in the serial monitor. The questions are specific they should have no grammatical error's and should be typed correctly. You can only ask 4 questions, you can add more if you want but i got lazy and choose to do 4(don't blame me i already had wrote 380 lines of code). . I hope that you mess with the code and make it better. If you choose to mess with the code send it to me.

The question which Buddy can answer;

-Why do you hate humans

- Where did you come from

-How are you

These questions should be types in the serial monitor. You can edit these questions as well as the answer's in the code. Type the questions when the serial monitor prints Arduino ready. It will also ask you to type your name, do that, then ask the questions!

Monday, August 5, 2019


The bitmap has been made but it takes too much memory of the Arduino UNO so i had to cut some pieces of code. Go over to the code section and follow the instructions to make the code work.


-TFT 2.4 Inch (touch screen)

-Arduino UNO or Arduino Mega (I don't know about the Arduino Nano or Mini Pro)

Step 1: Attaching the TFT to Arduino

Attaching the TFT to the Arduino is very easy all you have to do is read the pins behind the TFT, and attach it accordingly to the Arduino UNO. Just make sure the 3.3V and 5V are connected properly or that can cause errors or maybe might burn the TFT(IDK might happen).

(Read this after you attached the TFT to the Arduino)

Wasn't that easy???

Step 2: The Code

Here is the Arduino Code, It is a very simple code and i believe anyone new to Arduino can understand it! I hope you play around with it and make it better.

Here is the code;


Monday, August 5, 2019

I have made prototype 2 and also finished the bitmap, The bitmap took a lot of space so i had to reduce the code, in order to make the code work you have to also add the bitmap file inside your sketch folder.

Go find your sketch in Finder (Mac) or Folder (Windows) make a new file called graphics.c (the c is very important) and paste the bitmap code inside there.