Introduction: DIY Building a Computer

This is a DIY instruction manual on how to build a desktop computer

RECOMMEND: if you are building a computer go to your local Micro Center if you do not have a Micro Center go to your nearest place that has GOODparts that you know aren't damaged

First, you need to get parts for what kind of computer that you want from your local store like Micro Center make sure if you don't know anything about computers you will need to ask a worker at the store and ask them for what kind of computer parts you need for what kind of computer you want.

NOTE: I do not take responsibility if you break your PC

Step 1: Instilling the CPU and RAM

Next, you need to add the CPU. In the top picture area the first picture is the CPU slot. To get the CPU in you need to push down the lever and pull out ward and you put your CPU in and DON'T TOUCH THE SILVER PART and when you think it is in you push back down the lever, and put the lever in the slot and a plastic part if there was one should fall off. Now to the RAM open the flaps on the side and make sure that the notch in the RAM slot matches up with the empty space in the RAM. Slide in then push firmly until you hear two clicks on the side because the flaps are closing up. If you have two RAM sticks Then put the next one in the third slot if you have four slots or the to orange slots like the picture and repeat the process. Make sure that the RAM slots are closest to you.

Step 2: Installing the Battery

When you have to install the battery you don't need to be that careful but still careful enough that you don't break the inside even though its metal. You have to insert it into the slot and bam your almost done! All you need to do after that you have to screw it in and then your done! Make sure to look at the picture to make sure its in correctly and also make sure the opening of the fan area of the battery is facing down.

Step 3: Installing the Motherboard Into the Case.

First thing you need to do is you have to put the stilts for the motherboard into the screw holes the you should get this plastic thin that goes in to the hole that is a rectangle when you hear four snaps its in then you have to put in the motherboard then screw it in a checkerboard pattern. Make sure that the rectangle thing is in the right way so the slots of the motherboard go threw it nice and easy.

Step 4: Installing the Memory Card

When putting the memory card in you need to have a few metal part taken out from the side as you can see in the picture there is those two slots and you need to unscrew it and then place the memory card in the sway so the notch fits. when you do that go to the nextslide.

Step 5: Connecting the Wires

To connect the wires you need to see on the cord and see what kind of code it is so you can connect it to the mother board. To see were it go you have to see on the mother board there will be a code right next to the area that you connect it in. So you have to find the matching code on the mother board and to the cord wire it to make sure that there is room for the computer to breathe. Then, when you think its good wired then you connect it together.

Step 6: If You Have a CD Drive

If you have a CD drive you have to put it into its slot the connect the wire to the mother board. Then you done building your PC congratulations you did it! When you power on your PC then look for a video to put on the software its really easy but it will take awhile because your CPU has to remember those files.