Introduction: DIY: Bullet Style Earphones From Empty Bullet Shells

This time I’ll show you how I made bullet style earphones from empty bullets shells.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:



Bullet shells

Super glue

Sanding paper 280 grit and fine sanding sponge for polishing

Dremel or other rotary tool


Soldering iron

Drill and 1,5mm bit

Step 1: Earphones

I got new Philips earphones and I was totally not happy how they are looking. So I decided to change current earphones housing to empty bullet shells.

Step 2: Take a Part

First, was needed to separate earphone speaker from housing. I used a Dremel and carefully cut plastic housing at a joint line.

Separated earphone in two pieces and desoldered both wires.

Step 3: In Process..

With rotary tool sanded earphone speaker plastic body to proper size.

Mad a test fit - and it sits very snugly.

Step 4: Working on Bullet Shells

Made a 1,5mm hole in bullet shell for earphones wire.

From wood dowel and some electrical tape made a shell holder for a drill. At the same time used drill and Dremel to cut bullet shell in proper length. A little bit of sanding with 280 grit sand paper to remove all burs.

Step 5: Polishing

Used fine sanding sponge to polish bullet shells. Yep, there’s a really big difference like they was looking before.

Step 6: Assembling...

Sticked wires through the hole of the shell and made a knot to secure wire inside.

Soldered back both wires. Make sure to match the wires right.

Step 7: Last Steps..

With super glue glued speaker in bullet shell. And repeated all that with other earphone.

Step 8: Resume

Snapped earbud tips and bullet earphones are ready to go.

I think now those earphones looks way better than before. Plus I’m pretty sure, that I’ll don’t met anybody in a street with exact same earphones. That’s the biggest advantage of DIY stuff.

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