Introduction: DIY CAKE POPS Pencil Holders-Weird School Supplies-Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hello everybody! :)

I decided to make this Cake Pop DIY Back to School project because I always thought cake pop looked so cute and adorable (and yummy :P) and the kind of sweets that are just too cute to be eaten! So this way, you can just decorate with cake pops that will never go bad and always look super adorable and yummy! It is also very simple to make since I offer you to different methods, and I also suggest different options for the materials, so you can use the materials you already have or buy it according to your budget!

So here is the list of materials and the equivalent options:

-Rolling pin (you can even use a marker dipped in baby powder)

-An exactoknife (or any other tool that can cut ) -A needle tool (or a simply a needle!)

-A round cookie cutter (or any round item that can cut through polymer clay)

-Translucent Liquid Sculpey OR Bake and Bond (or you can replace the soft pastels and TLS with some 3D paint, which is cheaper and easier to find!)

-Glaze (or wood varnish-that's what I use!) -White paint -Mod podge (optional)

-Pencils with a smooth surface

-Tacky glue (or white glue)

-Soft pastels (like I said earlier, you can just use 3D paint to make the frosting!)

-Pastel clay colors (optional-you don't need those if you don't make the bite!)

-Dough-colored clay OR any color of scrap clay -Brown or Pink clay (or any other color you like to wrap your cake with!)

1) First, make a pretty big round ball of dough-colored clay (or scrap clay).

2) Then flatten a piece of chocolate brown clay (or any color of clay that you want your cake pop to be!). Wrap the brown clay around your ball. Cut off the excess clay and carefully close the ends. Make sure there is no dough-colored clay (or scrap clay) showing! Then roll the ball between your hands until there is no more imperfections. Then flatten in on your working surface, so it doesn’t roll around! Dip your pencil in baby powder or cornstarch(this will help the pencil to get out easily) then stick it straight in the middle of the cake pop. Remove the pencil and put the cake pop in the freezer for 10 minutes (this way the cake pop will keep its shape when you cut off the bite!).

3) (For a simpler version of this project, you can skip this step) Now cut out a bite with your round-cookie cutter. Don’t worry about imperfections in the bite, because we can simply remove it while we texture it! Use your needle tool to make circular motions to imitate the texture of cake! Then add little bits of your pastel clay colors, texturing them as the cake.

4) Remove all your fingerprints with some alcohol and a cotton swab. We want the surface to be nice and smooth!

5) Now to make the pink or chocolate drizzle, mix the the colors of pastel of your choice with some TLS. Make sure you put enough pastels in, so in doesn’t become translucent while it bakes…(I had this problem with my pink drizzle..) Now apply the frosting with your needle tool, making stripes all over the top of the cake pop! Then bake it 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of your cake pop. You can also replace the TLS frosting with some 3D paint! And simply paint on some stripes on your cake pop!

6) Cover your pencil with some mod podge to help the paint stick on it. Then apply multiple layers of white paint. I used a clothespin and a magnetic clip to hang it to dry. Finally, cover your pencil and your cake pop with some glaze.

7)Then make a bow on the bottom of the pen and secure it with some glue!

There you go! Now you have your own, super cute cake pop pencil holders!