Introduction: DIY Cactus Art

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This DIY cactus art is perfect for anyone who has a love for fun and colorful art in their home.

What you need:

Foam Easter eggs


Red sequins (or something for the red cactus flower)

Wire or thread

Picture frame

Hot glue gun


Step 1: Cut Easter Eggs

Cut your Easter eggs in half. Make sure to use a couple different sizes.

Step 2: Arrange Eggs

Arrange the eggs on the cardstock and then hot glue them down when you like how they are arranged.

Step 3: Make the "pricks" for Your Cactus

Break the ends off some wooden toothpicks.

Step 4: Stick Pricks Into Cactus

Stick the pricks into the cactus, spacing them out randomly.

Step 5: Make the Flower

If you are using sequins, string them on your wire or thread.

Step 6: Finish the Flower

Twist the end of the wire together and cut the access off.

Step 7: Add Flower to Cactus

Stick the wire into the cactus or use hot glue to add a flower.

Step 8: Pick Out a Frame

Pick out a frame for your cactus art.

Step 9: Finish It.

Place the cardstock in the frame - on top of the glass. Now, enjoy your new art!