Introduction: DIY Calming Glitter Jars

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Make your own calming glitter jar!
Fun for kids and adults--don't take my word for it--make one!

It's a swirling vortex of glittery paradise!

Step 1: Supply List

You'll need a Mason jar...or a bottle...if small children are going
to play with it, a plastic water bottle works'll just need a funnel.

You'll need glitter glue
The glitter glue gives the liquid a different viscosity
and makes the swirls of glitter more dazzling!
(If you don't have glitter glue and can't make it to the dollar store...
you can use clear school glue and then just extra glitter!)

You'll also need some chunky glitter and some fine glitter.

And some food coloring...optional but worth it!

Step 2: Time to Fill the Jar!

Put 1 cup of hot water into your jar.

Then put about 2 tablespoons of glitter glue into the jar.
(disregard the super messy desk!)

I used pink glitter glue and blue glitter glue...and some iridescent glitter glue.
whisk the concoction to break up the glitter glue a tad...

Step 3: Add the Magic!!!

Add fine glitter until there is about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch layer on the bottom.
fill the jar with water, leave about 1 inch at the top for shaking room!

Yes, this uses tons of glitter!  But the real thing is, have you ever actually
used up an entire jar of glitter???  Me neither.  Plus it's cheap,
you can find all this stuff at the dollar store.

Step 4: A Dash of Fairy Dust!!!

Then add some chunkier glitter and I added a few flower sequins too!
Then add just 1 drop of Neon food coloring.
1 drop of pink...or...1 drop of blue...with all the gorgeous glitter, it looks purple!!!

Step 5: Let the Fun Begin!!!

Get that lid and put it on tight!!!

Once it's really tight and on...shake shake shake!
Settles after about 2 minutes or so...

Step 6: Mesmerizing Fun!

So fun to watch the glitter tornado vortex of swirly fun!
Some people use this for time out...not me.

I use it as a reward if they clean their room or do
something nice for someone else, they can sit and use it. 
I am all about positive reinforcement!
Perfect sensory experience for little minds!

Who am I kidding?  I LOVE this too!
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