DIY Camera Dolly




Introduction: DIY Camera Dolly

This is an easy guide to how to make your own camera dolly for under 20€.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

To make this camera dolly you will need:

2 thin rods (it doesn't matter what material)

3 wheels with a groove in them

6 screws for the wheels

2 wooden blocks

1 wooden plank

1 tripod or different way to connect your camera

1 drill

1 saw

(As an extra) 2 ropes

Step 2: How to Connect the Wheels

For this step you will need 3 wheels, 6 screws and 1 plank (cut to size).

First you need to make sure the wheels are aligned well. You can do this by laying the poles on the wheels.

Then you can draw a dot in the screw holes of the wheels.

When you have done that you need to screw the wheels to the plank.

Step 3: Connecting Your Camera

Depending on what you want to use to connect you camera and what camera you have, the methods are different. I used a GoPro 3+. To connect it to my plank, I took the top of a GoPro pole off of the pole. You can easily screw it off. The GoPro screw size for the pole is a M7 screw.So first I drilled a hole in the place I wanted to put the camera. Then I screwed the gore mount to the plank. In my case the screw was too long so I had to add some washers, to make it fit.

Step 4: How to Make the End Blocks

For the end blocks you will need two wooden blocks that are wider than the width of your camera plank. To make sure that the holes will be in the right place I would put the camera plank on the poles. Then I advise you to make a little line above the poles on the block at each end. When you have made the lines you need to drill a hole right through the blocks.

Step 5: Ropes at the Ends

As an extra you can attach rope to the end so that you can pull the plank steadily.

To do this you need to drill two holes through the plank. When you have done that you can tie the ropes to the plank.

This option is a way to steadily pull your camera dolly.

Step 6: Footage I Took With the Camera Dolly

Step 7:

Step 8:

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    6 years ago

    Very cool! That's a clever idea to use pulleys, thank you! :)