Introduction: DIY Camera Mount

I show you how to build a versatile DIY Camera Mount for less than $12.

As you can see, building this DIY Camera Mount is one of the easiest DIY Projects that you can do.  Once you have built this DIY Camera Mount, you will have the versatility to shoot and record video in nearly every location indoors and out.  The possibilities are endless.

Some Ideas I Didn't Cover In The Video:
Use a small piece of rubber and clamp it to your bicycle handlebar.
Use a small piece of rubber and clamp it to you bicycle frame (road/tire shot)
Do the same thing on your motorcycle!
Put in on a pole and hold it out behind you like a nap sack while walking (following shot).
Clip it to your child's tricycle or wagon and record them while they enjoy an evening ride.
Clip it on a tree branch and record birds/wildlife.
Clip it to a piece of pipe or stick for a mono-pod.
Clip it to your shirt or jacket to record you working with something on the table.

More Ideas?  Comment below!

What You Need:
Philips screwdriver
Targus 6" Tripod (Amazon Link -
Spring Clamp (Amazon Link -

How To:
Remove the screw in the bottom of the Targus Tripod and let the legs fall out.  Insert that same screw through the one of the holes in the handle of your spring clamp and then into the threads on the bottom of the Targus Tripod.  You may need to reinsert one or two of the metal plates (that held in the legs) to prevent the tip of the screw from inhibiting the function of the ball joint in the tripod.  Your DIY Camera Mount is now ready for use!

Now you can enjoy a Cheap Camera Mount that will prove to be the most versatile camera mount that you probably will ever own.  I'm truly beginning to fall in love with mine and I'm sure you will as well.

This DIY Camera Mount is more versatile and cheaper than any Camera Mount that I can find in the store anywhere. 

Please Enjoy.