Introduction: DIY Car Mobile Phone Holder for IPhone 11

DIY car mobile phone holder made of acrylic sheet of 4 mm thick.

I have 120 mm by 120mm square sheet to make this iPhone 11 holder.

This guide I use the iPhone 11 as model. Always leave 1mm extra for clearance. If your phone together with casing measured 80mm then the gap size will be 81mm or 82mm maximum.

Refer attached Youtube video for better understanding.

Basic apparatus:

- Vernier calliper

- L-square

- Pencil, eraser and sharpener

- Acrylic knife

- Mini hand saw

- 2mm Phillips screwdriver


1) Acrylic sheets of 4mm or 3.5mm.

2) Mini rotary drill or twist drill

3) 1.5mm drill bit

4) 2mm screw for two

5) 0.25 inch dowel of 10mm length for two

Step 1: Cutting the Edge According to Dimension

Cut all excess edge using a mini hand saw. Use a paint brush to wipe off the dust for better navigate the direction of the saw.

Make sure to stop at the point where it was intended for. Cutting more than the line will cause it to tear and crack to propagate when bending the acrylic sheet later.

Step 2: Add Scoring Line With Acrylic Knife

Confirm again about the line draw with a ruler and make a scoring line with acrylic knife.

Do make a dent using a nail onto the acrylic sheet before removing the protective sheet.

A L-square helps make a straight line.

Step 3: Bending Acrylic Into Shape

Heat the scoring line made earlier using nichrome wire. 4mm thick acrylic sheet required at least 2 minutes heating at 350deg C.

Use a bulb blower to cool the heated melted line for the acrylic to harden.

Step 4: Screw in the Wooden Dowel at the Screw Point

Cut 10mm length wooden dowel of quarter inch diameter as holder. The wooden dowel is soft enough to hand screw the dowel into place.

Slide your mobile phone into the holder.

Have fun!