Introduction: D.I.Y Car Racing || Makershala


What if your friend shows you a game and asks you to play, and for you it is challenging. What if you want to challenge him back by giving him a task which is far more difficult and if it is related to driving, it is gonna be fun as well.

Building Guide

Let's build together an activity where we are gonna learn magnetism and how you should race on a curvy track, well after this activity we drive.


Step 1: Keep All the Templates With You, to Begin the Assembly and Cut the Parts.

Step 2: Similarly Cut All the Parts and Keep Them With You.

Step 3: Take the Parts Shown Below and Paste Them.

Step 4: Use the Motor and the Parts Below to Make the Motor Module .

Step 5: Carefully Paste the Motor Module at the Shown Position.

Step 6: Keep All the Side Parts and Paste Them Accordingly.

Step 7: Use the Parts Shown Below to Make the Battery Module.

Step 8: Take the Top Part and Paste It to the Sides Using Glue Gun.

Step 9: Insert the Wires to the Motor, Follow Below Steps Carefully.

Step 10: Take the Switch and Connect It to the Wires.

Step 11: Use the Magnets and the Shown Part to Begin the Steering Assembly.

Step 12: Take the Parts Shown Below and Attach Them As Shown.

Step 13: Take the Big Disc and Paste the Small Buildings on It at the Position. See Below for Reference.

Step 14: Carefully Place the Disc on Motor Shaft and Secure It With Glue Gun.

Step 15: Place the Top Frame and Paste It to the Sides Using Glue Gun.