DIY Carburater Clean; Removing the Top




Introduction: DIY Carburater Clean; Removing the Top

Unscrew Lawnmower Top using Phillips head screwdriver on two screws

Step 1: Filter Access & Removal

Unscrew Filter Compartment Using Flathead Screwdriver and remove Blue Filter

Step 2: Filter Compartment Removal

Unscrew three screws using 3/8 inch socket wrench, remove black filter holder

Step 3: Removing * Securing Fuel Line

Find Fuel line (black hose)

Use Channel Locks (tool) to pinch Fuel Line Clasp

Remove Fuel line (third pic)

Step 4: Spring Removal

Locate Spring in Picture 1

Remove Spring

Step 5: Throttle Control

Picture 1: Loosen throttle control using 1/4 inch socket wrench to remove screw from the Throttle control

Picture 2: What it should look like after removal

Step 6: Removing 3 Carburater Screws

Remove carburater Screws using 1/2 inch socket wrench

Utilize pictures 1 to 3 to see where existing carburater screws are located

Picture 4: Begin unscrewing

Step 7: Removing the Carburator

Notice the carburater is still attached to a pin using the first two pictures

Picture 3: close up of Pin Attachment location

Procedure: remove carburator by tilting sideways; visit photo 4 for finished look

Step 8: The Carburater

Place carburater on a surface you do not mind ruining such as a cardboard box

Use Carb clean (found at any general store)

Spray carburater using carb clean mixture at an angle from 6 inches away

Step 9: Finished Carb Clean

Dry wet Carburater by letting it sit for 2-3 minutes

Step 10: Reassembling Lawnmower

Revisit Slides 1-9 to Put back together the carb

Your lawnmower will now run more smoothly (and work)!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great tutorial. I wish that I had this a few weeks ago when I had to clean the carburetor on my mower.