Introduction: How to Make a DIY Cardboard ATM Machine

Learn to make an ATM Machine at home!
DIY Ocean teaches you how to make an ATM machine at home. A fun project which can be used for storage and removal of money. This can be made as a cool science project or exhibition working model for kids as well! Follow the instructions step by step and have fun doing it yourself !

Materials required:

  1. Cardboard
  2. 9V battery
  3. Battery clip connector
  4. On/Off switches
  5. Connecting Wires
  6. Gluegun
  7. Gluesticks
  8. 150 rpm L shape motor
  9. Dual Shaft DC Motor
  10. Cardboard Cutter
  11. Pen Knife Cutter
  12. Coloured Papers
  13. Super Glue
  14. Black Insulation Tape
  15. White Gel Roll Pen
  16. Click switch
  17. Push to ON switch

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Step 1: Watch the Complete Video Tutorial to Follow the Further Steps.

Step 2: Tp Begin the Project, Stick Spring and Carboard Circle Cut Out to DC Motor As Shown. Make 4 Sets

Step 3: Mount Motor on Cardboard Pieces of Shown Dimensions and Stick. One for Each Set

Step 4: Stick All 4 Motor Sets to Cardboard Piece of Dimensions Shown

Step 5: Create ATM Machine Body of Appropriate Dimensions

Step 6: Complete Body of the ATM by Adding Remaining Carboard Pieces

Step 7: Make Electrical Connections As Shown and Attach to Main Body of the ATM Machine

Step 8: Attach LED Strip With Proper Connections. Make Connections for the Card Inserting Mechanism

Step 9: Make the Card for the Machine. Cover Body of the ATM

Step 10: Your DIY ATM Machine Is Now Ready to Be Used ! Have Fun Storing and Taking Out Money From Your Personal ATM Machine.

Step 11: Watch the Video in Case of a Doubt in Any Step of the Process