Introduction: DIY Cardboard Bottle || Vase (wooden Style) || Cement Vase

I tried to make a different vase like wooden vase. Its made up of cardboard and Gypsum ( white cement), which is easily available in local market and cost effective too.Its very beautiful and best gift idea .It has a classic look and like a carved of tree log.

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Step 1: Cutting and Shape

First take a piece a cardboard sheet. Now draw a sketch on it. Cut all pieces of vase . I assemble the pieces with the help of paper tape.For handle I used a piece of rope and attach.

Step 2: White Cement for Hardness

Make a mixture of cement or gypsum with water. Than cut pieces of soft cotton cloth . Dip the piece in mixture and place on cardboard bottle. Take one by one piece and do the same procedure .Let it dry. After dry the bottle , now apply a layer of cement on it. Again leave for dry. Rub all cement with sand paper when it become fine and smooth. Apply second layer like i did ,make finger lines. Use hobby knife to shape the texture.

Step 3: Coloring

For coloring I used Raw umber and burnt umber.Mark lines on upper side like I did.Now apply raw sienna on vase.At last spray mixture of PVA glue and water .

Step 4: Beautiful Pictures

My DIY vase/ bottle is ready for decoration.

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