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Introduction: DIY Cardboard Lamp

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Hello, Guys! It's been a couple of months I published my last project DIY Mini Bluetooth Speaker. After making some speaker projects I decide to move on some light projects.


In this instructable, I'm going to show you how I made this decorative cardboard lamp. This lamp is made by many pentagons shapes combined together. It doesn't too difficult to combine as it seems. After attached all the pentagons you'll get random amazing patterns. I'm sure that you'll be amused after seeing the patterns it creates on the wall.


This project isn't my own idea. Project idea and inspiration has taken from lindarose92 she is an amazing artist. I really thankful to her :)

Step 1: The Things We Need

  • Cardboard
  • Light bulb (with holder and wire attached)
  • Glue gun
  • White glue
  • Cutter
  • Pencil and Ruler

Step 2: Draw the Pentagons

We need 11 same size pentagons. it might be too difficult to draw exactly same size pentagons by ruler. The most important thing is all pentagons must be equal. Use my method first draw a perfect pentagon then cut the pentagon and use this pentagon to draw other pentagons. I took 7cm long for every sides of pentagon.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces

This is the most difficult part of this project. Take your cutter and cut the pieces carefully. we need to cut 11 big pentagons and 4 or 5 small pentagons from every big pentagons.

Step 4: Attach the Pentagons

We'll start off from biggest to smallest pentagons. First place biggest pentagons on table then apply white glue on the edges of next smaller pentagon and attach with the biggest pentagon as image showing.

Keep adding next ones following this pattern.

Step 5: Composed the Lampshade

After making all the pieces we'll move to composed the pentagons. First, lay a pentagon on a table then apply white glue or hot glue on one side then attach a pentagon. Still, hold it for a while. Next, apply glue on one adjacent side of two pentagons and attach another pentagon.

Next, we'll take a base of 3 pentagons. Then we'll attach other pentagons on the top of the base. It will look like a bowl as like shown in the picture.

After attaching all the pentagons we'll get ball shaped lampshade.

Step 6: Make the Base

First, draw 7 pentagons on cardboard, just like ones you made in step 2. Cut the pieces carefully.

Now take the measurement of your bulb holder and make a square in the centre on 5 pentagons.(NOTE: The square size should be little bigger than bulb holder's size). Then cut the squares.

Apply a great amount glue on them and attach one by one.

Step 7: Attach Upper and Lower Pieces

In this step we'll make a circle on a pentagon according to the same diameter of light holder. Next cut the circle.

Now apply glue on the upper piece and attach with the base. Then mount the light holder and apply hot around the holder which makes it hold still.

Cut the small piece from lower pentagon for wire housing. Next apply a great amount of hot glue on the lower pentagon and attach the last lower pentagon.

Step 8: Attach the Base With Lampshade

Before attaching the base with lampshade mount the light bulb. Apply hot glue on the edges of the lampshade then attach the base and hold it still for a while. Finally, your lamp is ready :)

Light up your lamp and enjoy the amazing light effect it creates.

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