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Hi there! Welcome, welcome. Crafting, it is.

Well, this Instructable does not really have a back story. You can say the inspiration was the Cardboard Contest; as I came across it, I began searching for cardboard projects. Nothing really pushed me to work, except a kids' crown craft, which took me thinking upon how to add some intricacy to it. And the end-product; you have it in front of you. Let's see what you think of it.

Happy reading. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need


Cardboard Paper

White Glue

Hot Glue

Gold Spray Paint/ Gold Acrylic paint

Gold and dark blue iron on stones/ any other stones

Sapphire Blue crystal stones

Metal Hairband

Super Glue




Paint brushes

Glue Gun

Sand Paper/ Nail filer

Step 2: Cut Those Rings.

Take some cardboard paper and cut out circles of diameter 5 cm. Mark the center of the circles and make an inner circle of diameter 4 cm. Cut the inner circle out. You need a total of 70 rings for the project. It is better if you cut out some extra rings, in case you lose some in the process or just ruin them.

Step 3: Glue Them Together.

Take your white glue and brush it on a ring. Stick a ring onto it. Continue sticking rings when you reach up to 10 rings. Let your new ring dry. This may take time; as I was impatient, really, I dried it in my microwave oven. Make seven of these rings.

Step 4: Even Out the Edges

Grab your sand paper or your nail filer and even out the edges of your rings. Well, this is really self-explanatory.

Step 5: Dress Up the Rings

Now, simply spray paint your rings gold or just use sold acrylic paint. Let them dry. Then grab your glue; really any glue with good adhesion and glue the gold stones on the rings as shown. Glue the bigger blue stone in between and add two little blue stones on its either side. Let the glue dry. Refer to the pictures for a better understanding.

Step 6: Bend and Bond.

Take your hairband and spray paint it gold too. Let it dry and keep it aside. Then with the help of pliers, bend the sides of your rings lightly so it is easier to stick them. refer to the mages

Start in the middle and super glue one ring in the middle of your hairband; put glue a little to a side in the bottom middle so that you have some space to slip another ring behind it. Take another ring, go behind the previous ring and glue it to the hairband- making sure you leave space for the third ring- as well as the previous ring. Repeat the process so that you have three rings to the side of the middle ring. Then go to the other side and glue a ring overlapping the previous ring. Repeat the process for the remaining two rings. Refer to the images for a better understanding of the orientation of the rings.

Step 7: Done!


It was overall a fairly easy project. The hard part was sticking the rings to the hairband due to the curvature; and things started to get messy when I used hot glue for this part and adhesion was not suitable for the materials. So basically, I had to remove all the rings and stick them all over again with super glue.

Otherwise, I managed to scrape through. It took a lot of time though; considering all the waiting i did for materials and stuff.

Well, well. It came out nice enough and, of course, earned a lot of compliments.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed. Please Vote for it in the Cardboard Contest if you did like it.

Till next time.

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