Introduction: DIY Cardboard Portal Gun in 3 Steps

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I am a major fan of portal. Its my favorite series. But im broke, so I cant afford the replica by NECA. Then I thought: I have cardboard, duct tape, and a water bottle. So whats holding me back? Sorry for photo lack and quality. My phone wouldn't sync, so I just used my computers camera and took the photo of my portal gun off of my phone onto my computer. This is an entry in the Cardboard Speed Challenge, as well as the Reuse Contest, so if you see this, please vote for me!


-Cardboard. A lot of it too.

-White, Black, And maybe blue and orange (if youre doing the portal guns atlas and p-body use) duct tape

-Round water bottle with NO RIDGES. None. i recommend using a Voss Water bottle. the drink itself is just water, but the bottle is great for this project.



-copper wire

-pvc pipe.

I didnt do anything with these materials, but you can use them as extras or substitutes.

Step 1: Cut Out the Cardboard

Get some cardboard and cut out a shape resembling half of an egg. Make sure that you cut it with the cardboard lines (little grooves in the cardboard) facing vertically.This will be the back shell (where you put your hand in). Do the same thing with the front shell (where you grab on as well, like you would a regular gun). This is a pretty weird shape, so do whats on the template OR just a circle.

Then get out your long, no rigged water bottle and duct tape and cut out a rectangle that's as long as the water bottle and twice as wide ( we curl it up later to wrap around the bottle, so change measurements as needed). Then take some cardboard and wrap it around the cap of the bottle. Cut out three claws (of witch I did not make templates for), and tape them to the cap of the bottle (the cap should have a cardboard case around it, so be weary!).

Additional parts:

Take 4 layers of cardboard and cut them into a 1 inch by 5 inch handle. duct tape it all around so you get a nice, rubbery grip.

Step 2: Tapin' Time.

Time to get the tape! Make sure you have all the colors. For the back and front shells, use white tape over and over all around. this not only make it look stylish, it adds extra support for the gun. Also (depending on the tape), its waterproof! For the barrel, cover the cardboard in black tape and seal it together. Do the same with the claws.Tape it together with multiple layers. Finally, your gun is done.

Step 3: Finishing Touches.

Get water supplies you want! Lights, arduino, and even a little POTATOS if you have one. If your making a portal gun from Portal Stories: MEL, then I'd replace the white tape with orange, and throw in some yellow. Grab a sharpie and write aperture science on the side. Go nuts! I feel like a lot of inscrutables are meant to be full on tutorials, and the ones that aren't are bad. This philosophy is flawed in many ways. It limits creative focus. I made this not only as a project in a contest, but to remind people, "GET CREATIVE!". Serious talk aside, I put in a remix for "Science is fun" to dance to. Oh, and under no circumstances shOuLd YoUuUuU...

I am open to answer any questions! let me know via comments or the "ask a question" button.

Science is Fun by Aperture Psychoacoustics

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