Introduction: DIY Cardboard Stool

These instructions will guide you through how I made a cardboard stool about average chair height for my 10th grade engineering 1 class this chair if pieces are cut correctly and straight will be sturdy and usable.


  • 2000^2 in of cardboard
  • Something to cut with other then scissors
  • Something to write with
  • Ruler

Step 1: Step 1: the Seats

First, we are going to cut the seat out of card board. To make a circle with a diameter of 12 inches. Take a ruler and place it down draw a line from 0 to 12 then make a mark at 6 inches. Turn the ruler from vertical to horizontal then line the 6 inch mark on the ruler to the 6in mark on the cardboard. Then draw a line from 0 to 12 next turn it diagonal line the 6 in mark on the ruler to the 6in mark. Whats now the center of our circle and draw a line from 0 to 12 again. Turn your ruler diagonal in the opposite direction and repeat. In between your diagonal lines as well then connect all of those lines together so it forms the outline of our circle as best you can. Then cut along that line with an exact-o-kife, box cutter or cardboard cutter,etc. Once its cut out (doesn't need to be perfect )use the now cut out circle and trace it 6 times on the cardboard. Now cut all 6 of those circles then set them aside we'll be cutting more out of them later.

Step 2: Step 2 :The Legs

The legs of this chair are going to be 5 inches wide by 24 inches long (2 feet). The left side will be 2 inches shorter with a width of 2 inches to make a ledge. First we are going to draw the leg on our cardboard draw a line 24in long this is going to be our right side. draw a 5in like from either end of the 24in line to the left of the line. From the end of that line draw a 22in line going in the same direction of the 24in line. At the open end of the 22in line measure 2in in with your ruler then turn the ruler vertical at the open end of the 2in line we just made. Draw a line 2in up then connect the right side line. To the line we just drew use your cutting tool to cut along the line.Then use the freshly cut out leg to trace two more cut those out as while. You'll also need to cut slits at the top of every leg 3in long by 1/4in wide so are leg supports can slide into them. Now put them to the side were done with them for now.

Step 3: Seat Supports

The seat supports are 5in long by 3 in wide with a 4in by 1/4in slit down the middle. Make a vertical line that is 15in long then make a horizontal line that is 3in long then connect a vertical line. On the other side that is 15in long then connect those with a 3in line on the open end side. Then measure 5in from one end and make a horizontal line do that one more time so you have 3 even rectangles then cut them out and make the slit thats 4in long by 1/4in wide.

Step 4: Putting Them Together

Two circles will be at the top and bottom of the chair and two will go in the middle but separate from each other this will be there for support and to stop the legs from bowing if need. We will need to cut the circles so they can slide through the legs. To do this you need to cut three touching 5in long slits about 1/4 and inch wide.These slits should be touching each other in a Y pattern you need to cut theses slits in two of the four circles. the next cut goes on one of the four circles we need to cut slits the top joints can go into all the top edges should be in so the are close to each other we will need to cut a 1/4 thick 2in long slit that can these edges can go into we will then need to cut them down so you can sit on it this will be the top. The next cut will go on one out of four of the circles it will be just like the Y cut we made on the last but this time we will no go all the way though so it the three legs can sit on it but not going all the way through. You also need to attach the seat supports by sliding them thourgh the slit on the legs make sure the all look even.